Arabian Night in Sahara

The desert tent site was surrounded by sand dunes away from all other sites. We weren’t able to finish the multi-course Berber meals and we danced and sang the night away around the campfire. Best of all, the sky was dark allowing us to see clearly the milk way and multiple shooting stars throughout the night. Lying on the sand looking up at the sky, I felt like Abraham when God assured him that his descendants will be as numerous as the sands on the ground and stars in the sky. As any good Chinese, who took numerous photos, did all sorts of jumping, rolling, headstand photos as the sun sank beneath the sand, and of course, woke up early in the morning to say hi to the sun as it rose up from beneath the sands. Zyad also brought a snowboard for us to surf down the steep dunes just as we did 12 years ago in Peru. 

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Running down 50-story Sahara sand dune

At Fes, I bought a traditional Berber overall, which reminds us of Jawas in Star Wars and in the new TV series Mandalorian. My children had a lot of fun taking photos and videos of me pretending to be Jawas.

We even climbed up to the tallest sand dune in the area and I played spike ball as Jawas on the top and ran down exhilaratingly down the 50-story high dune.

We also played Spikeball on top of the 50-story sand dune, dressing like Jawas in Star Wars.

Adventures in Spain: Mountain & Ocean and Metropolis & Castle

“Hi Mario and Gema! Guess what, we are coming to Spain!”

We meet new people every week. Some we will never see again. Some we will see again. Some we don’t know if we will or will not see again.

Almost two years ago, we hosted in our Kunming home a cyclist couple, Mario & Gema, from Spain who cycled for 18 months from Indonesia to Spain through China. We had fun cooking food for each other. They introduced us to Spanish croquette, potato tortilla, and fruity sangria drink. We introduced them to the Chinese hotpot. When they left, they left a handmade thank you card with a sketch of the town of Torla and an invitation to take our family of five to three outdoor activities at the Torla-Odesa National Park in the Pyrenees of Spain, as they are both mountain guides working at the national park.

Photo of hosting Mario & Gema in China two years ago.
Handmade thank you card from Mario & Gema that became true 2 years later.

Two years later, in reverse, we were hosted by Mario and Gema in Spain! If it wasn’t for the pandemic, we would not have traveled to Spain first to wait for Africa to open up. It’s amazing how God worked everything out in His perfect timing.

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Traveling and Praying Through the Nations