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We Did It! We Completed Our One Year Epic Journey

“Make sure you paint it symmetrically,” I begged Nathan as he smiled mischievously with bright orange powder clinging onto the tip of his forefinger. “Remember, a person is perceived to be beautiful mainly due to the person’s face looking symmetrical!”

“Ha, ha, ha…” Joani, Olivia, and Annie laughed as Nathan stroked a streak of bright orange line across my forehead.

“Wait until it is my turn!” I threatened Nathan for making my face look like an exploding firework. “Use my phone to take a photo so I can see…” Continue reading We Did It! We Completed Our One Year Epic Journey

“Stop Pushing Me!”

“Stop pushing me!” Joani yelled in anger with frowns on her forehead. “It is very simple! Just move your feet to the left. How difficult can it be!”

“Joani, I am trying my best to speak to you calmly,” Nathan replied trying to control his frustration. “I have no room on my left. I am just sitting straight against the back of the seat. I am not pushing you.”

“Your shoulders are bumping into me,” Joani snapped back at Nathan whose arms have widen considerably after he started doing push ups twice a day since two months ago. Continue reading “Stop Pushing Me!”

Traveling 3X Generations in Eastern Europe

“Where is grandma?” I asked the children after we hiked down from the steep slope of the Oracle of Delphi in Greece.

“You know the answer, dad,” Olivia replied with a grin. “If you don’t see her, you can always find her at the toilet!”

For the past one month of traveling with my 73-year-old mother or the children’s grandma in Eastern Europe, “toilet” became the topic sentence of our travel adventure. It seemed as if everything we did, said, saw, or eat couldn’t escape from the clutches of the “toilet”.

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