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Learning to be Canadians in Slovakia

“How can you see anything?” Joani shouted with an incredulous look.

“Shouldn’t you turn off the headlight?” Olivia asked since she has recently started to read the California’s motor vehicle handbook to prepare to get her driver’s license.

“Be quiet! Let me concentrate,” I replied nervously as I clutched tightly to the steering wheel and stared intensely out of the car front shield window at the white blur.
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When the Clock Struck Midnight, our Carriage Turned into a Pumpkin

“Kids, I have a plan that I would like to hear your feedback,” I gathered the family together for the announcement. “Because the cost of public transportation in Copenhagen is very expensive, I came up with a creative solution.”

“Oh boy, what crazy idea do you have now, dad? Are we going be carrying our big backpack all over the city? Or sleep in the airport?” Joani half joking, half serious asked. Continue reading When the Clock Struck Midnight, our Carriage Turned into a Pumpkin

Surprises from Above

“The flight is cancelled,” the lady at the Pegasus Airline counter at Georgia’s airport informed me. “Here is your new flight schedule.”

“The date says Feb 20th. That is three days from now. Is there no earlier flight?” I asked with a shocked look in my eyes.

“That’s our earliest next flight, sir,” the lady replied as Pegasus only flies to Norway twice a week. “There is a flight this afternoon from Georgia to Turkey but no flight from Turkey to Norway until 3 days later.” Continue reading Surprises from Above