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Interviewed by Lite Malaysia

We were honored to be interviewed by a Malaysian radio station recently. We met the radio host & content manager Soraya Kee 4 years ago when we were hiking in the snow mountain of Georgia! You never know how people you met will be a part of your story in the future. Here is the podcast of the interview:
Jonathan, Annie and Joani Su- Family Who Traveled The World – on #TheLITEBreakfast Podcast

Here is a video of a part of the interview:
Jonathan, Annie and Joani Su- Family Who Traveled The World – on #TheLITEBreakfast Podcast Video (Facebook)

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Packing Up the Tent

Last night I packed up the tent in my Grandma’s backyard. It may seem like a simple task, but the stories and meanings behind this task was very heart breaking and emotional. Packing up the tent felt like breaking a fragile porcelain bowl filled with precious droplets of memories—memories of my family and our one-year journey together. Nostalgia and sorrow flooded over me like a tidal wave crashing into an earthen wall. Why does packing up this tent bring me so much pain? Why is this empty space covered by a tarp have so much meaning and significance? Continue reading Packing Up the Tent

Joani, My Second Chance

Being stuck together with your family for a year is quite a feat. When I say “stuck” I don’t mean the staying in the same house for 18 years kind of “stuck” (because I already did that). I mean really stuck. For a whole year as we traveled around the world, we shared the same food, slept in the same beds, used the same bathrooms, fought for the same computers, watched the same TV shows, and all suffered the invasion of our private space. But being “stuck” is also what brought my sister closer to me. This trip not only gave me back a sister, but also a friend.

Continue reading Joani, My Second Chance