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The Best Valentines Gift Ever!

Of all the Valentines gifts Jonathan has given to me since we dated 23 years ago, today’s gift has been the most incredible for me! At 44 years old I learned how to get a visa to Vietnam, take my girls on the train, make it on time, squeeze into the green buses outside the train station, make it to the China border crossing, then Vietnam customs all on my own!! Continue reading The Best Valentines Gift Ever!

Our backpacking adventure in South America in 2008

After living in Kunming, China for the last seven years, we are taking a half year leave away from China for a trip to the Americas (North & South America). We hope through the trip to spend time with God, family & friends and to build life long memories with our three children before they all become teenagers! Welcome to follow our trip together.

After the backpacking trip, we moved to a village in Yunnan, China as volunteers for half a year to understand and learn from the minorities of China.

You can read more about our 2008 journal HERE!

Our book on our 2008 trip is here!

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