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We Did It! We Completed Our One Year Epic Journey

“Make sure you paint it symmetrically,” I begged Nathan as he smiled mischievously with bright orange powder clinging onto the tip of his forefinger. “Remember, a person is perceived to be beautiful mainly due to the person’s face looking symmetrical!”

“Ha, ha, ha…” Joani, Olivia, and Annie laughed as Nathan stroked a streak of bright orange line across my forehead.

“Wait until it is my turn!” I threatened Nathan for making my face look like an exploding firework. “Use my phone to take a photo so I can see…” Continue reading We Did It! We Completed Our One Year Epic Journey

Fulfilling Prophecy at the Negev Desert

“Ta ta ta ta ta ta ta….ta ta ta ta ta…ta ta ta ta”

“What is that sound?” Nathan asked as he stopped pruning the tree limbs in front of her.

“It’s machine gun sound,” Steve, a tall thin Israeli man who was also pruning next to her, replied in a mattered of fact voice.


“What is that?” Nathan asked again feeling uneasy from the earth trembling with hollow echoes.

“It’s bombings from artillery,” Steve responded.

Just then, a loud noise boomed from the sky overpowering the conversation. Four F-16i fighter jets streaked low across the sky in a straight line right over the farm.

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Oman — Our Road Trip Adventure

“Kids, get down and hide! Turn off the flashlight!” I shouted softly to the children as soon as I saw a bright green laser beam pointing towards us from the mosque by the shore of the ocean.

All five of us quickly fell to our knees trying to hide below the horizon of the beach sand next to the roaring waves around us. It was 11PM on a new moon evening and our rental car was parked right on the beach. We were combing a beach in Oman in the dark for turtles. It was hard to see where we were walking but we didn’t want to use the flashlight. One reason was that we weren’t sure if we were allow to be at this beach at night. The main reason, however, was that we didn’t want to scare off the green turtles from landing on the beach to lay eggs.
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The 8th Wonder of the World: Feeding 1,500 people every 15 minutes for FREE!

“Bang, bang, bang…bang, bang…bang, bang, bang, bang…” The loud, erratic but never-ending metallic noise filled our ears as we head closer to the multi-story sandstone building.

“What is that?” We all wondered to ourselves.

However, before I had the chance to figure out the source of the loud banging, a large round metal tray was thrust into my hands by a man wearing a turban. Immediately, a round metal bowl was placed on the tray by another person. Then a metal spoon was placed on the bowl. Without realizing it, our family of five were pulled into a stream of pilgrims of all ages all with metal trays in our hands heading up a stairway. Continue reading The 8th Wonder of the World: Feeding 1,500 people every 15 minutes for FREE!