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Revival to the Nations

6:30am. I woke up to people singing worship and praise. Where am I? Last night as we worshipped and shared our testimonies with the Ugandan college students at Uganda Vision Church, something stirred within my spirit. “Annie, the revival you experienced in the late 80’s, early 90’s is here. God’s spirit is being poured out to the young and old in this land and the people here are pure in heart, have childlike faith and willing to receive and respond. Uganda is a sending nation and ready. Come and see.” 

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Hands of Love

“I am Bishop Elijah,” said the man with a large stature and big smile. “My mother told me that relationship is more important than meat. That’s why I like to know you better.”

For the next hour, Bishop asked me and took notes in great detail about who I am, what I do, and what I love. It was unusual but inspiring as well to see someone really want to know so much about me.

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We Worshiped in Arabic!


“Wasn’t that ‘Thank you’ and ‘Praise God’ in Arabic?” I asked Joani, who is our de factor language expert during this one year trip. “We heard them in Morocco, no?”

We were inside a large mud wall Christina church located in the second largest refugee region in the world. In front of us were two young black Africans musically shuffling their feet, twisting their bodies right and left, and lifting their hands up praising God with loud music that can compete with rock concerts. What struck me so amazing was that they were singing in Arabic, usually used by Muslims.

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South Africa: From Paranoia to Hallelujah

“Don’t take your valuables with you when you are out of the hotel,” our Chinese host in Johannesburg advised. “But also don’t leave your valuables in the hotel room either.”

“You need to stop if a police asks you to stop,” our host continues. “However, many of them are pretending to be police so try not to stop either.”

The more we hear, the more confused we were.

It was our first day in South Africa and our kind Chinese host treated us to an authentic Sichuan Chinese restaurant which we were craving. During the meal, he shared his horror stories and advised us how to avoid being robbed in Johannesburg, one of the world’s most dangerous cities in the world.

Our host in Johannesburg treated us to spicy Chinese food as he told us horror stories of South Africa.

“Here, people don’t ask if you have been robbed before. They ask how many times you have been robbed. When the Black see Chinese, it is as if they see the letters “ATM” written on your forehead. So carry some cash but don’t put all your cash in one pocket. Put some cash in each pocket so when the Blacks pull their gun and ask for money, just show them the money in one pocket. “

The more we heard, the more afraid we became. I was especially surprised to see every single house in even nice suburban areas have high electric fences and barred windows. In Los Angeles, I only see this in the worse crime area in the city center.

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