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You Are in Trouble, Dad

“Kids, we need to strategize,” I called the children together in front of the “super-sized” Carrefour Supermarket which was inside the Emirate Mall in Dubai, UAE, one of the largest mall in the world. “This place is huge so we need to work together.”

I continued, “We need to be smart about what to buy and who will buy what. First, here is the Carrefour’s ‘Anniversary Celebration – Big Deal’ booklet. You are only allowed to buy items that is listed on sale in this booklet. This is our ‘Bible’ for shopping. Now, who wants to buy what?” Continue reading You Are in Trouble, Dad

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長年致力於推廣基督化家庭的蘇教授,2015年揭開序幕之際,才剛與兒女孫輩們結束全家十天九夜環臺旅行,風塵僕僕返美。對於這趟溫馨歡樂之旅,蘇教授津津樂道,無限滿足―在全家大小積極參與、行前充分規劃下,他和妻子預定的三大目的全然達成―賞美景、嚐美食、三代同行齊尋根! Continue reading 愛,在家人山上下海時