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We Did It! We Completed Our One Year Epic Journey

“Make sure you paint it symmetrically,” I begged Nathan as he smiled mischievously with bright orange powder clinging onto the tip of his forefinger. “Remember, a person is perceived to be beautiful mainly due to the person’s face looking symmetrical!”

“Ha, ha, ha…” Joani, Olivia, and Annie laughed as Nathan stroked a streak of bright orange line across my forehead.

“Wait until it is my turn!” I threatened Nathan for making my face look like an exploding firework. “Use my phone to take a photo so I can see…” Continue reading We Did It! We Completed Our One Year Epic Journey

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Reflection of this One Year

Life’s life. It all ends the same way, but the paths we take of life’s journey is a choice that is up to us to chose. Oops, sorry God, I’m the one blindfolded and you’re the one guiding me; it sure hurts when I hit those walls. Throughout this one year journey, I have learned much about travel and grown in my family relationship. Most importantly, I found my identity in Christ through His love for me. God’s love for me changed my whole being.

Continue reading Reflection of this One Year

God’s Exact ‘Timing’

We missed the train.

This was our 7th train ride in India. It had all gone smoothly. But this time my heart was beating as ran from platform to platform realizing that we the platform number had changed and we we’re waiting at the wrong platform. The enquiry window had 30 people waiting in line. The ticket reservation and cancel window person was not helpful. All I could do was to go back to the family and see what will happen next. There was a later train but does it mean that we would had to stand all night on the Train? Continue reading God’s Exact ‘Timing’