Confidence Despite Defeat

One of my worst fear happened. On the morning of our first destination, Xian, my iPhone was stolen. I was carrying a big backpack, a small backpack, a food bag, while trying to pay for bus for the five of us. I was letting the children get on the bus while I didn’t button my pocket. Then I realized that I can’t find my phone anymore. Continue reading Confidence Despite Defeat

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Mad Dash

For this gap year we can only bring a big backpack on the back and a small one in the front. Packing and leaving Kunming was hard and long.

On June 5,2015 we had a trial pack. I started to pack from 3 in the after noon all the way till 9 at night. It took so long because I had to figure out what to bring what not to bring,if I took too much or not enough. I had to pack wisely because I know I’ll be carrying  all the stuff for a whole year and two months. Moreover, when all the clothes had been decided, I had to fit every thing in both backpack, that also took a while. In the end my big backpack weighed 13kg, and my small backpack weighed 5kg. Continue reading Mad Dash