What If We Died Here?

“What if we died here?” Joani asked with her eyes wide open. “I didn’t know that we can actually die doing this trek.”

We were huddling close together to keep warm in a wooden cabin on the Annapurna Circuit trail in the Himalaya Mountains of Nepal at 3650 meters. The dark clouds were thick, the rain was not stopping, and the temperature turned minus. It was our third day and as part of our family time, we each of us took turn to share our feelings about our day. Continue reading What If We Died Here?

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“I feel bad for the living goddess. She stays there till puberty, and that is like the worst time to come out!” Joani commented feeling bad for the young goddess girl in Nepal, Kathmandu.

(Note: After the goddess is chosen at a young age, the girl is  confined in the temple until she reaches puberty, at which point another girl is chosen.)

Nepal – On the Road Four Months and Counting

“Guys, I just realized something weird,” Olivia said to us with a twinkle in her eyes. “We are kind of doing a one year experiment, you know, like those people that go inside a cave for a year. That’s basically what we’re doing!”

Olivia continued, “The experiment  is to live with just five people for a WHOLE year. ”
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Whatever You Did Unto the Least of These Brothers, You Did Unto Me

“I touched poop today,” Olivia announced calmly.

She continued, “Right after the meal, there was an explosion of grandmas who needed to use the toilet. I dragged a chair with a grandma on it back from the bathroom to her bed. When I lifted her on her bed, I noticed there was poop on the chair. I quickly lifted her back on the chair. Her hands also had poop. The grandma besides her was panicking and started to scream. Although I don’t know Hindi or Bengali but I know she said, ‘Poop’.”
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