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Oman: An Open Window

When you hear the name Middle East, what are the first three words that pop up in your mind? The words that come to my mind are sand, uncivilized, and terrorism; however there are more to this peninsula than those three words. Through my experience of the nature, culture, and hospitality of Oman, my stereotypes of the Middle East have been broken and changed. Continue reading Oman: An Open Window

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我在丝绸之路的旅行当中有看到不可名状的风景-天山海水都有看过,但在旅游山脉当中吉尔吉斯坦的山脉是最峻险的山脉。山脉的天、山景和运货箱都给吉尔吉斯坦绣上色彩。 Continue reading 吉尔吉斯坦的山脉

The Trains of Life




“No fair! You toppled the cards and caused me to lose track!” my Mom complained.

“Hey Nathan! Put the cards back where they belong! You think we can’t see you slipping those cards on top of the pile?” shouted Joani with an angry voice.

“Joani, did you cheat this time? This is the second you’ve won,” questioned my Father. Continue reading The Trains of Life