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My One Month with Grandma

Traveling through the Balkans with my Grandmother has been a fun and memorable experience. She joined my family in Austria on March 12 and backpacked with us around the Balkans( Southern Europe) for one month.

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Traveling 3X Generations in Eastern Europe

“Where is grandma?” I asked the children after we hiked down from the steep slope of the Oracle of Delphi in Greece.

“You know the answer, dad,” Olivia replied with a grin. “If you don’t see her, you can always find her at the toilet!”

For the past one month of traveling with my 73-year-old mother or the children’s grandma in Eastern Europe, “toilet” became the topic sentence of our travel adventure. It seemed as if everything we did, said, saw, or eat couldn’t escape from the clutches of the “toilet”.

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