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Adventures in Spain: Mountain & Ocean and Metropolis & Castle

“Hi Mario and Gema! Guess what, we are coming to Spain!”

We meet new people every week. Some we will never see again. Some we will see again. Some we don’t know if we will or will not see again.

Almost two years ago, we hosted in our Kunming home a cyclist couple, Mario & Gema, from Spain who cycled for 18 months from Indonesia to Spain through China. We had fun cooking food for each other. They introduced us to Spanish croquette, potato tortilla, and fruity sangria drink. We introduced them to the Chinese hotpot. When they left, they left a handmade thank you card with a sketch of the town of Torla and an invitation to take our family of five to three outdoor activities at the Torla-Odesa National Park in the Pyrenees of Spain, as they are both mountain guides working at the national park.

Photo of hosting Mario & Gema in China two years ago.
Handmade thank you card from Mario & Gema that became true 2 years later.

Two years later, in reverse, we were hosted by Mario and Gema in Spain! If it wasn’t for the pandemic, we would not have traveled to Spain first to wait for Africa to open up. It’s amazing how God worked everything out in His perfect timing.

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Walking Life through the Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage

Camino calls, Camino provides.
Life calls, life provides.
God calls, God provides.

“Who would like to come to the pulpit to read the scripture for the mass?” a gentle-voice priest gestured.

“I would,” I raised my hand and I read Paul’s letter to the Galatians.

It was the day after our 5-day pilgrim’s walk to Santiago or better known as the Camino de Santiago. After attending several masses in Spanish which we couldn’t understand, we looked forward to attending a mass in English to end our pilgrimage. To our surprise, there were only the three of us, Annie, Joani, and I. Instead of a Spanish priest, in front of us stood Father Manuel, a priest from the Philippines.

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