Cold Yet Beautiful

IMG_4036In this one year trip we have camped at all sorts of places: on the Great Wall and at the Nadaam. The next place was beside China’s largest and highest lake, QingHaiHu. Camping there was cold but very beautiful.

Despite the wet, chilly weather, the charming elegance of the scenery captivated us. Usually our camping trip involves hiking to reach the camping destination. However, this time we got off the bus right in front of the lake, our destination. We just had to set up our tent and enjoy the amazing view. Now one would ask : “Why is a lake so beautiful?” That is mostly because of what’s surrounding the lake. One part beside the lake had waves and waves of yellow rap seed flowers that radiantly glimmered in the sunlight. Behind the flowers many lush green mountains filled the horizon, adding to the stunning scenery. In front of the flower was the majestic turquoise lake. Another aspect that enhanced the view was the people. At such a breath taking place, people would take wedding photos. We happened to set up the tent right at the spot of the wedding photo shoot. Thus, we got to avoid the heat in our tent, while we watched them shoot wedding photos. In the end we got to relax and eat peaches while enjoying the view. It was a pleasant moment soaking in the moment of such glorious beauty.

IMG_4196Every thing was delightful until we saw the swarms of dark clouds drifting though. We quickly put everything inside the tent and prepared for the pelting rain. While the rain and wind was slamming on our tent, we played card games, watched American Idol and Star Gate. After an hour or two, the rain died down and the sun came out. We went out and saw the mountain peeks filled with snow. Moreover, the dark clouds drifted to another section of the lake. The sunset was beautiful, and the reflection of the sun on the lake was gorgeous. After the sunset, we rushed back to the tent because the next wave of rain was coming. We got ready for bed and changed into the warmest clothes we brought, because my dad said it might get to 1 degree celsius. Then we settled in fitting five people in a two to three person tent. During the night, the rain and wind continued to pelt, while we tossed and turned to find a comfortable and warm position to sleep. In the end we finally shut our eyes… and the morning awaited us.

IMG_4070Even though this camping trip was stormy and cloudy in the end, overall it was gorgeous and tranquilizing. I hope every camping trip can be like this, minus the rain.


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