Confidence Despite Defeat

One of my worst fear happened. On the morning of our first destination, Xian, my iPhone was stolen. I was carrying a big backpack, a small backpack, a food bag, while trying to pay for bus for the five of us. I was letting the children get on the bus while I didn’t button my pocket. Then I realized that I can’t find my phone anymore.

I am usually quite upset when my children or Annie lose something. Now I am upset at myself. Initially it was thinking about how to find it back. Then it was thinking about what information I can recover or not recover from the lost phone. Then it was feeling downs out losing so much money and he extra time wasted trying to set up all my apps and information. Usually I would be happy about getting the latest iPhone. But this time I didn’t feel the joy of a new iPhone.

Then we went to the Xian international church. The sermon was on Romans 8 and the topic was on Confidence. Because of what Jesus did,we can have confidence in the face sin and confidence because the Spirit dwells in us and leads us, and adopt us as Sons. As his son, I am no longer a slave but I can have the confidence that God will watch over me. Despite this initial defeat, I do not need to fear because even if I have lost a battle, the war has already been won.

It was so timely to be surrounded by the strengthen from God’s word after this event because it helped me to fix my eyes on God instead of on myself which is what is really needed at that moment.

It was then that I recalled the first time I ever lost my phone was the first week after moving to China 15 years ago. After that lesson, I was careful and didn’t lose either phone or money since. In the same way, God allowed me to lose my iPhone the very first stop of our one year trip so that I will be more careful. Losing my phone at Xian is the best possible scenario when compared to losing it at some remote or unfamiliar countries. Here I have good friends to lend me a temporary phone and helped me to buy a new phone and new phone sim card. I didn’t have any language barriers here. An Apple store was easy to find at such large metropolitan. Given I lost it the moment I arrived in Xian, I only lost few valuable photos and not like a whole month’s worth of irreplaceable memories.

After the sermon, instead of Annie’s usually asking to be prayed for, it was I who asked to be prayed for because I felt that attacking he evil one trying to upset our journey and I need more protection. Pastor James and Jacky prayed for our whole family.

I thank God for uplifting me when I needed it the most, for giving me confidence despite defeat.

We stayed with good friends while in Xian.
We stayed with good friends while in Xian.
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