Doing Life in Vietnam

We had a relaxing day renting bikes and meandering through the village paths by the river. It felt like a combination of the Kampungs we visited in Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia and Laos…yes,

it felt like our home in the Hani village

it felt like our home in the Hani village…so luscious green and rural…seeing hens with their baby chicks and waddling ducks set my heart racing with excitement…a life that was once mine as a village farmer with her own roof top of baby ducks, chicks and turkeys. Yes, I do miss having my own livestock and the thrill of watching my baby ducks thrive, grow up and recognize me.

It was a good day for us remembering our life in the villages of China. We enjoyed all kinds of variety of local Hue delicacies by the streets and even dessert ice! We scootered around Hue and walked through the forbidden city twice, checked out the tombs and biked through the city gates in and out over the last 3 days. The street and surrounding villages of Hue is beginning to feel familiar. Yes, we have been doing life with our kids in Vietnam and enjoying this treat.

I enjoy not writing for a while, not having to buy groceries and cook volume meals for 3 meals a day and relax, trying out all kinds of new food and getting new ideas to cook at home. I need these study breaks to learn from other chefs…the ones who carry the heart and soul of each culture and city on the streets. Yes, we love street food and the gems for the masses. I eat the same things over a few time to figure out how to get as closes to the food as possible with the limited ingredients back in China. Oh, the Vietnamese eat so many fresh herbs in their pho, noodles, rice and street snacks. They cook super healthy and eat very healthy!

I have much to review and try out when we get home. So grateful for this break! Love doing life with my family on the road!

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