My Name is Changsha Stinky Tofu

Hello! My name is Changsha Stinky Tofu. You can call me 臭臭 (Chou Chou) for short. I am black on the outside and white on the inside, a little hard-headed on first impression but really I have a soft heart.

Enjoying the food street in Changsha, Hunan

My spicy personality can make you laugh and cry at the same time, and always begging for more😉. Changsha is my home because I love it here and people love me! Some run away from me because I smell different than other but for the few who take the time to get to know me, they are never disappointed.

Olivia is one of them and I have the power to make her very happy!

Never new “Stinky Tofu” can be a cute stuff animal!
The Stinky Tofu Museam is our number one favorite attraction.
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