Now they are bro-ing away…

Stuck in the traffic jam caused by the lion sighting, the driver of the next car over helped us piece together the story play by play:

“Do you see the lion? He just crossed the road. Maybe we get to see some kill in action!”

“Wait, you hear the low wailing sound he is making? That’s a call for other lions. Perhaps he over slept and his pride left without him.”

Suddenly, out of no where another lion came running towards him.

“Look! His mate came back! Wait, that’s not a lioness, it’s another lion! Ohh…maybe that’s his brother. They must have left their pride to search for their own girls friends! Haha…”

Two brothers…bro-ing away to form their own pride… don’t know about you but I hear the theme song of Lion Kong coming on!

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