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Joani, My Second Chance

Being stuck together with your family for a year is quite a feat. When I say “stuck” I don’t mean the staying in the same house for 18 years kind of “stuck” (because I already did that). I mean really stuck. For a whole year as we traveled around the world, we shared the same food, slept in the same beds, used the same bathrooms, fought for the same computers, watched the same TV shows, and all suffered the invasion of our private space. But being “stuck” is also what brought my sister closer to me. This trip not only gave me back a sister, but also a friend.

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在这个一年的旅游中我们有玩滑翔伞、四轮摩托车和水上漂流。但是其中让我令人难忘是在塞尔维亚的贝尔格莱德玩的密室逃脱游戏。我们以前都没有听说过密室逃脱但是在免费步行游览时导游有提到这个密室逃脱游戏。密室逃脱其实是一个电脑游戏带进现实生活,密室逃脱的目的是在一个小时以内让你找出他们所有放的线索,然后把线索拼起来,最后用拼好的线索来逃离房间。 Continue reading 密室逃脱