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Unforgettable First Impression

One year, 25 countries–Mongolia was the first country our family traveled to. Going to Mongolia was a unforgettable experience. The car ride was rough, long, and kinda scary.

IMG_0791IMG_0790The journey began in Inner Mongolia at 7am. We took two taxis to get to a place call Dinosaur Square. That square is the place where you have to take a special jeep to the border between Inner and Outer Mongolia. The difference between inner and Outer Mongolia is that Inner Mongolia still belongs to China while Outer Mongolia is another country. In addition, Outer Mongolia only speak Mongolian. Continue reading Unforgettable First Impression

Mad Dash

For this gap year we can only bring a big backpack on the back and a small one in the front. Packing and leaving Kunming was hard and long.

On June 5,2015 we had a trial pack. I started to pack from 3 in the after noon all the way till 9 at night. It took so long because I had to figure out what to bring what not to bring,if I took too much or not enough. I had to pack wisely because I know I’ll be carrying  all the stuff for a whole year and two months. Moreover, when all the clothes had been decided, I had to fit every thing in both backpack, that also took a while. In the end my big backpack weighed 13kg, and my small backpack weighed 5kg. Continue reading Mad Dash