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The Trains of Life




“No fair! You toppled the cards and caused me to lose track!” my Mom complained.

“Hey Nathan! Put the cards back where they belong! You think we can’t see you slipping those cards on top of the pile?” shouted Joani with an angry voice.

“Joani, did you cheat this time? This is the second you’ve won,” questioned my Father. Continue reading The Trains of Life

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Mad Dash

For this gap year we can only bring a big backpack on the back and a small one in the front. Packing and leaving Kunming was hard and long.

On June 5,2015 we had a trial pack. I started to pack from 3 in the after noon all the way till 9 at night. It took so long because I had to figure out what to bring what not to bring,if I took too much or not enough. I had to pack wisely because I know I’ll be carrying  all the stuff for a whole year and two months. Moreover, when all the clothes had been decided, I had to fit every thing in both backpack, that also took a while. In the end my big backpack weighed 13kg, and my small backpack weighed 5kg. Continue reading Mad Dash