The Adventure Continues in Hong Kong

The Adventure continues in Hong Kong!

Today is not a simulation but for real. We grounded our bikes, cleaned up our home, and said our final goodbyes as we walked to the van taking us to the airport. We ask for prayers and blessings as we take this step of faith. 😇 We give thanks for God’s kindness and provisions. After 2 weeks of traveling China, we felt our time has come to launch. We had one week home to do laundry, repack and restock our things, weigh our backpacks, get final counseling to troubleshoot and tools for conflict resolution, laid out our strategy for 14-day quarantine, downloaded movies, tv shows, crafts, projects, setting up quarantine routines, exercise and checking in time with each other…we are as prepared as a family can be.

This is the 3rd round of quarantine for Olivia and Nathan, first for Jonathan, Joani, and I. We look forward to lots of sleep and rest! Ok, after 14 days, we will find out how many books have been read, if we gained muscle mass from working out, how many movies and tv shows watched, and how many crafts and projects are done!

It’s 6 am on July 23rd. Not sure if we are ready to leave our apartment in China for 1-2 years.
We picked up our five big backpacks at the Shenzhen airport after flying from Kunming.
We crossed the border to Hong Kong by land through Shenzhen Bay Port. It was a long walk.
The usual 15 minutes across the border took 1.5 hours. The border staff said that most are going from Hong Kong to Mainland China, instead of Mainland China to Hong Kong since Hong Kong is going through its largest outbreak yet.
Detail forms to fill both at the Mainland China side as well as HK side. The custom office warned us that once we leave we can’t come back to mainland China. We replied, “That is why we are traveling for one year!” And they laughed.
After 1.5 hours, we are finally out!

Heart Warming moments: Many people have prayed for us to receive favor, kindness, and safe travels. God answered! From our flight to Shen Zhen, friend treating us to our final KFC China feast, the customs officers from China side amazingly good humor and kind, blessing me to make it back safely to my home in Kunming when China reopens to foreigners, then HK customs officers blessing us to make it back safely and quickly to our home in HK, giving us permission to take public transportation to make it home, our friend meeting up with us to lend their electric hot plate to us, stocking us up with fruits, veggies and snacks…lots of blessings and love all the way from home to home between borders! Note: this place in HK has been like a second home to us in Asia for the last 16 years! The local breakfast place remembered our kids, watching them grow up! They welcomed us home😘

The usual border bus is not running so we have to take regular public bus. Luckily, there was an angel that guided us onto the right buses.
We are blessed to have friends that brought us hotplates, pots, and food.
We are blessed to have friends that brought us hotplates, pots, and food.

Welcome to our second home! Giving thanks for our friend who has been our virtual landlord the last 16 years! He has been so kind and supportive, welcoming our family to make our home in his HK abode! Of all the places to be in quarantine, this is a familiar, tiny but cozy place! It is a real home with a fridge, shower, kitchen, a bunk bed another bed and couch space! Our kids worked fast and hard to unpack and organize things to have minimal clutter and more foot space! Another friend bought groceries for us and stocked up our fridge! Yes, The Merry Chef is back in service!

May this miracle of peace happen! Reality: without God’s grace and lots of prayers, we are walking into family feud land mines, go ballistic on self, and each other. This is no hotel resort but a tiny shoebox for five. Miracles do happen! Yesterday was the first day of peace, no meltdowns, or fights in the house! Let this season of grace begin!

It’s a 25 square meter apartment but has everything we need, just everything mini-sized. Our home for the next 2 weeks.
With our electronic wristband “handcuff”, we took on the challenge of 14-day quarantine as a family, with God’s blessings and friends’ support.
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  1. Great to know your family have started your travels and saw the blessings of God. Looking forward to reading next stories.

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