We’re So Extra!

“We’re so extra…”🤣—

We like to travel, we like to take pictures, and sometimes we’re a little extra. We bring a little extra laughter, a dash more of adventure, a tad bit more smiles and sunshine where ever we go. Sometimes we’re loud and sometimes we’re dramatic.  Each snapshot with the SU’s reflects our extra flare.

Selfie at Zhangjiajie, Hunan.

“We’re so extra…”🤣

—Olivia and Joani standing on the side pretending we don’t know these people.

The lighting screen turns out to be more useful than expected!
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One thought on “We’re So Extra!”

  1. Oh, you have been in Zhangjiajie!!!! I have been there many years ago (2003?) – what amazing.
    Be blessed on your journey – and enjoy the blessing you will be.

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