Cycling Beside You – Happy 45th Birthday

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Life is like a bicycle trip,

It has many different paths and cycles.

The road ahead has many bumps and holes,

And crashing down is hard to avoid.


Even when I’m down on the ground with burning pain,

I pick up my bike and keep on going

Though the down hills are smooth and the up hills are rough,

You have taught me to never give up.



I’ve been sitting behind you for quite some time,

Learning about the strength and endurance to reach the end.

I thank you for your patience and guidance,

Your adventurous spirit and your efforts for being there for me;


When I go on my own path I will remember your love for me,

And when the time comes to choose my own path;

With God as my heavenly father and you as my earthly father,

I will go on the path my Father’s wills me to do,

And go on the road less traveled by…



cycle - end

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One thought on “Cycling Beside You – Happy 45th Birthday”

  1. Dear Nathan,

    Excellent poem. I like it very much. Keep the wheel running in Him. Enjoy the journey. Look forward to hearing your family adventure stories.

    Uncle Franco

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